Best Web3 Marketing Agencies From Around The Internet

Top Web 3.0 Marketing firms for your crypto project


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The year 2021 was a pivotal year for Web 3. A record number of Web 3 companies raised funds. Venture Capitalists invested more than $30 billion, as per Forbes. All of these companies not only created value but also marketed them.

If you own a cryptocurrency project or will be launching it soon, you need better marketing to survive this competition. Marketing will not only help you get better customers but will also help in getting better investors.

Importance of Marketing

Web3 solutions are still limited to youngsters, are highly regulated and many influential people are still critical of them. These hurdles limit the reach of crypto, NFTs, games and many more technologies.

Widening the customer base of such solutions is essential for their survival. This is where marketing comes in.

Benefits of a Marketing Agency for Web3

Difficult to use: A drawback of this new-age technology is that it is difficult for many to understand and thus has a very narrow user base. Web 3 products and services are limited to the youth, shadowing its true potential. A marketing agency can help potential users understand your project in a much simpler way.

Undue Criticism: Many political leaders and authoritative figures have posted undue criticism on blockchain technology. Countering them with a proper response that is both reasonable and non-inflammatory is very essential.

Public Opinion: Public Opinion plays a key role in shaping policy decisions across the world. Good content with statistics and evidence helps shape public opinions in your favour. A testimony of this argument can be seen in the wider adoption of crypto that was once criticised by central banks themselves.

Focus and Expertise: Marketing agencies can focus your entire campaign on one point or direction and create supporting campaigns to help it. These reinforcements in campaigning help enforce certain ideas in customers' minds.

Cost-Effectiveness: Marketing is the greatest investment as it helps you reap benefits long after your campaign has ended. Further, a viral marketing campaign yields humongous benefits as compared to other strategies.

List of Marketing Agencies:

  1. GuerillaBuzz(Blockchain Focused)

GuerilaBuzz is an all-rounder marketing agency specializing in the Web3. They are a growth agency with an experience of over four years. With big names like CoinGecko, and Bancor, they have successfully handled more than 30 projects. Further, GuerillaBuzz has helped its clients secure more than $300 Million.

The product portfolio specifically focuses on Blockchain Products, and hence, they are better suited to handling crises if things go south. They offer PR services that can not only raise awareness for your game but also shape public opinion in your favour. Such expertise is much needed during times of crisis if you face any.

As of now, they are providing free consultation to all before anyone takes their services.

  1. Cryptoken Media

Cryptoken Media is a full-stack digital marketing agency specializing in web3 projects. Their particular expertise lies in content marketing which is helpful if you are a big company with a big portfolio of products and services. Other services include content marketing, digital PR, PPC, email marketing, social media, SEO and video advertising. They are the sole marketing agency on our list that offers Newspaper ads too.

  1. Bitcoin Marketing Team

Bitcoin Marketing Team is perhaps the oldest marketing team in Europe and has been around since 2014. They claim to have a unique strategy that is built around each product. Their website lists this strategy as data-driven and custom built for their customers.

The services portfolio of the agency includes marketing plans, launch strategies, search engine services, content creation, newsletter design, copywriting, and a lot more services. We suggest visiting their webpage for a comprehensive understanding of the range of services.


Flexe is a full-stack digital marketing firm for crypto and fintech organizations. They are a team of 25 experts with more than 30 projects on their portfolio. They have made some high claims on their website such as more than a 5% conversion rate. Their services are primarily focused on social media and community building on Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  1. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a web3 marketing agency that offers services in Cryptocurrency ICO and ODI; NFT marketing, GameFi and Metaverse marketing. Their team consists of experts who have worked in paid media advertisements. They offer a 15-minute free consultation which they have named a "Discovery Call". They have their focus on SEO marketing as one of the key ways to promote your brand.


Web3 and its economy will record phenomenal growth when the world economy fully recovers from the pandemic. With more than $60 Billion invested just by Venture Capitalists, Web3 will play a key role in the internet economy.

We recommend going with our top choice, i.e., Guerillabuzz, because of their experience in dealing with Web3 clients. Further, as you grow, their PR activities would help you actively manage your brand image and help mitigate bad press. Therefore, choosing an all-rounder agency that can act best as the future unfolds becomes essential.